Massage therapists in Norwich providing a unique and highly effective combination of deep-tissue massage, sports therapy and relaxation techniques. Treatments can be given in our practice, in your home or at your place of work.

Devised by Andrew Marshall (ITEC and IIST trained) this unique blend brings about some amazing results in helping reduce:






and many other conditions caused by present-day busy lifestyles which seldom allow time for true relaxation. Study of stress control and the use of massage have enabled Andrew to develop new techniques over 15 years of practicing and this fresh approach is a particularly suitable for those with limited time on their hands because it brings about highly effective results in short sessions. The couches and massage chairs used by Andrew have all been designed and manufactured to his specification by top Italian furniture makers so you can truly say that a treatment with him is a totally unique massage experience. Stress affects our lives in so many different ways and the results can be devastating to the individual and their family if the problems are allowed to develop unchecked

This is why it is essential that some form of regular monitoring is maintained. These treatments will give benefits in one or two sessions but real progress is made if they are taken on a regular basis and attention is also given to exercise regime, diet, posture and general attitude towards stress.

Since 1997 Andrew has run massage practices in Norwich as well as London and other areas in the UK. His current  position in Norwich City Centre is ideally suited for those working in the City and there are nearby car parks for those having to travel in. There is a full range of massage treatments to suit all budgets and lifestyles. They can be carried out directly on the skin or for those who prefer to remain clothed there is a very effective over clothes massage. We go deep also specialize in on-site massage sessions helping companies across the UK improve productivity and reduce staff absenteeism. A glance at our testimonials page will give you a good idea of the benefits our clients have received over the years. You will be able to experience the same by calling in to our City Centre location or contacting us, you will be under no obligation to take it further but you will be giving yourself an opportunity to greatly improve your health & well-being.